Body Image (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)

Many individuals appear increasingly obsessed with their appearance. Concern about personal appearance is quite normal for many people but it may become a problem if physical attractiveness is of over importance. What people see and how they react to their reflection in a mirror will vary from person to person. Even very attractive people may look in the mirror out of insecurity.

Research suggests that a growing number of individuals have become accustomed to rigid and uniform standards of beauty portrayed by the mainstream media, TV and magazines whilst these artificial standards become harder and harder to attain.

In general women are much more critical of their appearance than men and will usually be dissatisfied with their reflection. Research suggests that eighty per-cent of over 18’s are unhappy with what they see in the mirror usually overestimating their size.

The hips, waist and thighs are particular areas of dissatisfaction for most women. Dislike about breasts, feet and face can also create negative feelings.
Many women believe that their lives would improve if they had “better” bodies.
Research suggests that many women worry about their body every fifteen minutes while most admit to lying about their weight and dress size.

When men are dissatisfied with their body the main focus is on physical height, chest and stomach and hair loss.

A poor, negative, body image can lead to depression, stress, guilt, shame, insecurity and even unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders.

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