Compulsive Gambling/Gambling Obsession

Almost no one deliberately sets out to become overly attached to gambling. To some people the very idea that somebody could become a compulsive gambler may seem some what strange. After all, it’s not as if the gambler is putting a chemically addictive substance in to their physical body.

Some people enjoy the exciting feeling that gambling gives them. Others are attracted to gambling because they see it as a quick and easy way to get hold of money.  Gambling is often used as a form of escapism from the “hum-drum” of everyday life, or as way to avoid dealing with so called “real life” experiences such as children, marriage, career worries and financial concerns among many others.

Many compulsive gamblers frequently finance their gambling activities with money that should be used for other purposes. This usually pushes them to borrow more money. At this stage the gambler becomes stuck between debt and a compulsion to gamble. It becomes a viscious cycle of borrowing money to gamble versus needing to gamble and win money to pay off debts.

Compulsive gambling can destroy relationships, marriages, family, friendships and career. Often there is an underlying psychological or emotional issue driving the gambling compulsion that may be helped with hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

If you are suffering with a gambling compulsion, please telephone the number at the bottom of this page or send me your enquiry by email where I will do my best to help.

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