Fear of flying

Many people would love to travel by aeroplane but fear the very idea. Some individuals are simply terrified by the thought of getting on a plane. Air travel is the safest and most efficient way to travel the planet so why do some travellers fear flying?

Often, fear of enclosed spaces is at the core of the problem. Sometimes travellers are nervous because of the unusual sounds and sensations they have experienced whilst flying in the past. Maybe it’s a fear of landing, or a fear of taking off.

"What ifs" are quite common too, "what if we crash", "what if we hit turbulence", "what if I have a panic attack", "what if I die", etc, etc.

Frequently, fear of flying is caused by an over-active imagination that visualises accidents or crashes that have been reported in the media, films or hearsay. Control and trust issues, even a fear of falling may be at the heart of the individuals concerns.

Many professionals suffer in silence worrying about their next business trip. A growing number of companies require employees to travel by aeroplane for business which can create additional stress for the traveller.

Often, the person has a flight booked but their fear increases by the day as the departure date draws near. Medication can offer relief of the symptoms caused by fear of flying; however, they do not deal with the root cause of the problem. Hypno-analysis seeks to address the issues surrounding the fear of flying by discovering the origin of how the fear came to be.

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