Female Sexual Disorders

Sexual problems are often psychological in origin. However, they may also be due to physical disease, so a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner will always be advised. As a fully qualified psycho-sexual therapist, I can offer help for most sexual difficulties which do not have a physical cause. However, it is fair to say that many physical conditions may improve once any underlying psychological problems have been addressed. Psychological factors may include stress, anxiety, depression, Fear of pregnancy, unsatisfactory relationship or a traumatic sexual experience.

Below is a list of commonly presented female psycho-sexual difficulties. If you are suffering from a difficulty not listed please telephone the number at the bottom of this page or send your enquiry by email where I will do my best to help.

Vaginismus: A painful spasm of the vaginal muscles, usually a purely psychological symptom, though it is common for a woman to believe that there is something physically wrong.

Penetration anxiety: There will sometimes be muscle spasms as with Vaginismus.

Anorgasmia: No matter how much stimulation is applied and for how long, there is little or no ability to reach orgasm. Anorgasmia takes two forms: primary and secondary. In primary Anorgasmia the sufferer has never been able to achieve an orgasm at anytime. In secondary Anorgasmia the sufferer has achieved orgasm in the past but has some how lost the ability. One of the most common causes of Anorgasmia is the use of anti-depressant medication.

Persistent sexual arousal syndrome: Often referred to as “Nymphomania”; this syndrome is characterised by rapid and sustained sexual arousal that is not relieved via sexual activity.

Post-coital nausea: As the name suggests the onset of nausea and/or vomiting following sexual intercourse.

Hyper-orgasmia: Fairly rare but certainly not unknown, this is a tendency to experience an inordinately high number of orgasms compared to “normal” criteria.

Apparent sexual addiction: Probably obsession.

Dyspareunia: Pain on intercourse. It can be a side-product of other conditions like vaginismus and penetration anxiety. More often than not, it originates from a medical or gynaecological problem as well as some sexually transmitted diseases. A thorough medical examination is advised.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (lack of libidic drive): A total absence of the sex drive sometimes referred to as “frigidity”. The sufferer will often profess that she was never particularly interested in sexual activity at anytime. It is possible that there is a physical problem which is contributing to the difficulty and a full gynaecological examination is advised. The sufferer may also be suffering from a hormone imbalance.

Sexual aversion disorder: Psychological in origin, this is manifest in the belief that sexual activity is inherently unhygienic. The sufferer will go to great lengths to avoid genital contact or any form of sexual behaviour.

Exhibitionism: The female exhibitionist is craving attention, although, surprisingly, can sometimes exhibit shyness.

Female Sexual Disorders

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