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A fetish is a strong sexual attraction to an object or concept that draws energy from the “normal” sex drive. The penguin dictionary of psychology describes the word Fetish as an object or part of the human body invested with magical powers to help protect the worshipper.
Research suggests that some forty per-pent of men and eleven per cent of women have had some sexual experience with a fetish.

Almost all normal males will have a fetish of some kind which may include parts of the body such as feet, hair, legs or ears. Shoes, stockings, latex, rubber or leather garments may also be used to achieve sexual arousal.

Some individuals enjoy the transfer of power and control in a theatrical, safe, fantasy setting. Psychologically, it can be exciting for the individual not knowing what’s coming next and so for some people their fetish creates within them an erotic sense of fear allowing them to experience excitement through mind games.

Other individuals prefer to act the submissive or slave. Again, this is psychologically linked to the transfer of power and control. Some men enjoy experiencing the feelings that a dominatrix, punishing type personality can offer. By surrendering to a female the man is allowing the woman to feel powerful and energised further strengthening her dominance over him.

According to Sigmund Freud fetishism occurs when the normal sexual object (man or woman) becomes replaced by an object that bears some relation to it and usually occurred as a result of a sexual experience during childhood. Some researchers believe that a traumatic life experience can bring a fetish out in the individual.

For some individuals a fetish is a drive that has to be psychologically satisfied and carried out like a ritual. The outlet for a fetish may not only be of physical expression in the form of orgasm. It may be completely psychological as most fetishes seem to reflect the worst thing that could ever happen to the individual.

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