Internet Pornography Obsession – Compulsion

Some researchers suggest that pornography permeates many aspects of society. It’s available in magazines on the television and on the internet. It has been reported that some teenagers in the UK spend up to 85 hours a year looking at internet pornography, and that as many as 78 per cent of men watch pornography on TV or the internet.

According to some researchers, internet pornography is the most concerning thing to psychological health. Excessive use of pornography decreases sexual satisfaction as well as disturbing family life. Men’s fantasies are increasingly moving towards scenes of violence and as many as 40 per cent of couples with problems believed that pornography contributed to their difficulties.

Many internet pornography users often experience feelings of shame and guilt coupled with a deep compulsion to regularly view pornography. This vicious cycle of compulsion versus shame and guilt often leads to feelings of inner emotional conflict.

If you are suffering with a compulsion to regularly watch internet pornography and require professional help to stop, please telephone the number at the bottom of this page or send your enquiry by email where I will do my best to help.

All consultations are carried out in complete confidence.

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