Needle Phobia

Needle phobia affects around 10 percent of the population to an extent that it causes sufferers to avoid seeking professional medical care. There are large differences among individuals with needle phobia. For example, it is very common for young children to be afraid of needles, but most children will simply outgrow their fear, whilst others may become needle phobic in adult life.

A fear of needles can have far-reaching effects on an individual’s life. Going to the dentist can be almost impossible and travel to some parts of the world cannot be contemplated. Some needle phobics have an acute sensitivity to pain whilst others may suffer from a condition known as Vasovagal reflex reaction. This is a frightening reaction that includes plunging blood pressure and possible loss of consciousness.

The rarest type of needle phobia is a classic phobia that results from an early traumatic experience. Many people with a fear of needles can remember a childhood experience which they “believe” triggered the phobic reaction. Whatever form your needle fear takes, hypnotherapy could help you overcome your psychological difficulty.


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