Psoriasis is a common condition usually appearing on the body as thickened, red, inflamed, scaly patches. The condition tends to appear between the ages of ten to thirty years of age and affects around two percent of the population. The underlying cause of psoriasis isnít known but it can be strongly linked to hereditary factors. On occasion psoriasis can cause discomfort in joints as they may swell and stiffen in affected areas. Many sufferers of psoriasis have the condition for life and it can be aggravated and triggered by emotional stress. Hypnotherapy could help you with the management of psoriasis by aiding relaxation and helping you to resolve any underlying emotional issues.


Eczema is the inflammation of the skin usually causing scaling and itching. It may be triggered by eating certain foods, exposure to cosmetics, detergents, soaps, oils, nickel, rubber and industrial cleaners. Essentially there is no medical cure for eczema. Eczema may also be triggered by emotional stress and this is where hypnotherapy could help you with the management of your eczema by aiding relaxation and helping you to resolve any underlying emotional issues.


Acne is a skin disorder where the sebaceous glands at the base of the hair follicles become inflamed. The most common type of acne is often known as acne vulgaris which usually develops during puberty, but for many people a major stressful event can trigger acne.

Generally, men tend to be affected more often than women due to higher levels of testosterone. Acne frequently appears on the face but it can also appear on the back, chest, shoulders, neck and inner thigh.

Acne is usually a mild condition but for around 15 per cent of people it can become chronic. It affects each individual differently from mild to moderate and in the extreme, severely.

The psychological distress that acne causes some sufferers can simply make the condition worse. Hypnotherapy can help you by aiding relaxation and helping you to resolve any underlying emotional issues.

Some common triggers of Acne include:

  • Stress
  • New relationships (stress and anxiety)
  • Pregnancy
  • Before the menstrual period (hormonal change)
  • Medicines (allergic reaction)
  • Cosmetics (exposure to chemicals and oils)
  • Exam pressures

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Psoriasis on arm

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