Stress Management for Companies & Individuals

Stress is a reality that will touch everybody sooner or later and for many individuals is a daily concern. No single idea or technique can relieve all your stress as effective stress management really boils down to one thing; effective lifestyle management.

The human brain has taken millions of years to evolve and, at times, has difficulty adjusting to a fast paced, pressurised world. This can cause a number of breakdowns in families, personal relationships, organisations and the workplace.

Research suggests that ninety per-cent of employees are stressed at work at least once a week. Even with all of our present day technology, many stress consultants agree that we have less leisure time than we did fifty years ago.

For many people their job and careers are their biggest source of stress. Workloads are in many cases increasing leaving less time for out of work activities. Insecurity, uncertainty and fear surrounding job loss will simply add to the problem. Stress is one of the greatest problems we face in our modern day world.

Once learned, stress management techniques can be applied to any type of environment from the workplace to the home.

I can provide:

  • One day workshops for companies, organisations and groups
  • One-to-one stress management training for individuals
  • Stress Auditing for individuals or groups

Training in stress management techniques includes subjects like:

  • Understanding where your stress comes from
  • Causes of stress
  • Personality types
  • What triggers stress in the workplace
  • Stress related illness
  • The legal, moral and ethical case
  • The signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Coping with work related stress
  • What management can do to help their staff
  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Your attitude can shape your life
  • Eating-Exercise-Sleep
  • Work-related driving stress
  • Self-talk
  • Effective stress management techniques
  • The benefits of Laughter
  • Relaxation and Breathing techniques
  • Self Hypnosis

Call me today for more information on how to create the perfect stress management training programme for you or your company.

Stress Management for Companies & Individuals

Stress Management for Companies & Individuals


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