Understanding Transgender

Transgender or (TG) for short is a politically correct umbrella term which encompasses cross dressers, transsexuals, transvestites and all of the grey areas in between. Transgendered people face a variety of problems in everyday life that could be helped with hypnotherapy. The type of problems experienced by TG’s include; feelings of isolation, prejudice and unacceptance from family, friends and at times, society. Fear of being exposed and shamed coupled with feelings of repression of self and who they really are often leading to denial and identity battles within.

Transgender individuals usually experience feelings of frustration as they often can’t be themselves going against an energy from within that feels natural. Frequently, confusion about sexuality can lead to depression, and at times, suicidal thoughts. A therapist who is understanding and prepared to listen to the client’s secret will help to calm the storm raging inside the transgendered person.

What is a transvestite (TV)?

A transvestite is somebody (in most cases) who from a very early age felt the urge to dress in clothes of the opposite gender normally wearing mum or sisters clothes. Most transvestites have the recollection from around the age of five or six and most have definitely had the urge by puberty. This can be very disturbing and confusing for them as they do not understand why they feel the way they do and often spend many years trying desperately to ignore it in the hope it will go away. Transvestites do not want to become women and are highly unlikely to have any kind of corrective surgery to feminise themselves. They generally are quite happy to be a man the majority of the time but have regular, overwhelmingly strong urges to dress sporadically. This could be once a year, once a month, once a week, a couple of times a week, everyday for a week then not at all for months. It certainly isn’t an everyday, every week thing. Most transvestites are heterosexual and a huge number are married. A lot of the time their wives and children know nothing of their desire to dress.

What is a cross dresser (CD)?

A cross dresser is somebody who has urges to wear an item or items of clothing that would be worn by the opposite gender but they have no real desire to look or feel like a woman. For example, it may be a pair of high heels that they will walk around the house in, or they may wear women’s underwear under their suit to work, or maybe just a skirt when their home alone. The cross dresser will get comfort and pleasure whilst they are wearing whatever it is they have chosen but that is where it stops. They are not portraying the opposite gender but merely wearing the clothes from time to time in order to relax and feel comforted. This kind of behaviour is often quite fetishist and can be sexually motivated. The particular item of clothing may relate to an event or a person that has had some kind of significant effect on them at some point in their lives.

What is a transsexual (TS)?

A transsexual is somebody who in layman’s terms been born in the wrong body whether that is a boy who should have been a girl or vice versa. This is known as Gender Dysmorphia. Most transsexuals will inevitably end up taking hormones and having surgery to physically transform them into the gender that they feel they should have been all along. This surgery in not just a one off process, it’s a number of operations which are painful and emotionally torrid. Individuals generally suffer an awful lot emotionally and physically to end up where they want to be. Pre-operative transsexuals go through an absolutely wretched time once they start taking hormones. They are usually unhappy and confused leading up to the introduction of hormones but once they start on the road to Gender Re-assignment Surgery (GRS) through the use of hormones and surgery, things can become really quite dire for them. Painful body changes such as breast growth, hot sweats similar-just like the menopause, mood swings and emotional turbulence coupled aches and pains.

Confusion over sexuality can still exist as there normally develops a need to live life as a woman as quickly as possible, meaning that they should be with a man to appear normal. This is known as a conformist transsexual. Some Transsexuals remain attracted to women and may live their lives as lesbians. Pre-operative transsexuals may start to hate their male genitalia and really can’t wait for it to be gone, especially when the rest of their body starts to look womanly yet they still have a penis. Post operative transsexuals may experience a form of grief and grieving as children, friends and loved ones who simply can not accept it cut all forms of contact with them. GRS is a long painful operation and all transsexuals have to live as a full time woman for at least twelve months with continual psychiatric assessment before surgery is granted. Prior to GRS the individual’s life is full with doctor’s appointments and routine however, after surgery their life changes as “the circus leaves town theory” kicks in and the individual has to deal with the realisation of what they have done. Many post-operative transsexuals usually cut all ties from the transvestite world changing their name and job. For many it can be very lonely disassociating from the past and starting over again. For many transsexuals, reaching a high level of femininity will involve around eighteen operations including vocal chord tightening, a trachea shave (removal of Adams apple) and laser surgery beard removal. Genetically it’s easier for a woman to become a man, than it is for a man to become a woman.

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Understanding Transgender

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